Pastor's Corner
September 2019

Contemplative Retreat on the Theme of Forgiveness

    Over the past couple of months, I have been writing about forgiveness, and I had indicated that I was putting together a retreat for those who would like to explore forgiveness as it relates to their own lives. 
    During this retreat, we will spend some time worshiping together and praying together. This will be a contemplative retreat, so we will spend some individual time focusing our attention on specific biblical passages related to the theme of forgiveness. We will also come together as a group to share our insights with each other as we feel led to share.
    As we focus on forgiveness, we will consider forgiveness in terms of our relationship with God, knowing that as we experience God’s forgiveness, we have the means to forgiven others. This means that we will also consider forgiveness in terms of our relationships with others, especially those for whom we need to forgive. One aspect of forgiveness that is often overlooked is the need to forgive ourselves, and so, we will consider this as well. In the course of our conversations, we will also address some of the misconceptions and barriers to forgiveness that I have highlighted over the past couple of months.
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